Monday, March 22, 2010


in the music world, i'm probably waaaaay too tardy to the party to be reporting on this, but assuming you're all normal folk who don't work at paste or pitchfork, SLEIGH BELLS, Y'ALL. they are a male-female duo that sounds like the love child of ghostland observatory and karen o (from the yeah yeah yeahs), plus a few other bands that i'm waaaaaay to excited to think of right now. i first heard sleigh bells in december, but forgot to b-log about it... sad, because i would have been SO ahead of the game. apparently, sleigh bells played at SXSW this year and Tore. It. Up. so take a listen, and make sure you have time to hit repeat a few times. it has been awhile since i was so extremely in love with a new band. AND YOU JUST KNOOOOOOOOWWWWW that they'll be playing at ACL this year (aka my bachelorette party). consider them my first official ACL band guess, as well as my first ACL must-see.
download RING RING and CROWN ON THE GROUND here.

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