Wednesday, March 17, 2010

wes anderson is following my twitter.

i have a whopping EIGHT followers on my twitter account, so consider this a lecture on QUALITY, not quantity, kids. the amazingly fantastical WES ANDERSON is following my twitter feed. are we clear on that? wes anderson, brilliant writer/director/producer behind movie greats like bottle rocket, rushmore, the royal tenenbaums, the life aquatic, the darjeeling limited and most recently, fantastic mr. fox IS FOLLOWING MY TWITTER. b-rad has mentioned (repeatedly) that it is probably a) not the real wes anderson or b) wes anderson's hired twitter team, but for now, i will bask im my new-found internet glory. here's a screen cap from the ol' iphone:since i recently linked my twitter feed and my blog posting, i must have popped up on mr. anderson's radar after this post. or maybe wes is just out trolling around al gore's internet hoping to scare up some new movie ideas? regardless, follow away, wes. follow away. but i will have my eye out for any new movies starring a ridiculously awkward, circus-tall blonde who gets into a variety of life adventures.

should you care to follow wes and slash or his twitter team, do so here. should you care to be more like wes anderson, follow my twitter feed here.

wes sugar (and everyone else), i'll be skiing until the 19th, but blogging should be back to it's usual sporadic-ness after that.

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B-Rad said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Wes drops you on Twitter after this post...he likes to stay under the radar...and I don't blame him.

kristina said...
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