Friday, March 12, 2010

earth day commerce.

flipping through my viva terra catalog last night, i started to wonder WHEN IS EARTH DAY, ANYWAY? obv. this train of thought got started because i just realized, after having received the viva terra catalog for at least a year, maybe three, that viva terra only sells products made from organic, sustainable sources that are handcrafted by artisans. sort of like anthropologie with a soul, with a slightly higher ma-maw content. anyway, aside from the fact that every day should be earth day, the real earth day is april 22nd and this year will mark the 40th anniversary. so i got to thinking... since earth day is designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the earth's environment, what better way to celebrate than by purchasing some of these items i can't stop drooling over? if you order now, these items should TOTES be here in time for earth day. (oh, did you think this post was about the environment, and not just an elaborate scheme for me to do some imaginary shopping? WRONG.) if you are not a viva terra catalog receiver, you can also shop online here.

hand-embroidered organic cotton rabbit bag. first of all, 150 women in the community of San Pueblito, Mexico hand-embroider these 100% organic cotton bags, providing a crucial source of income. second of all, i'm pretty sure rabbit's feet are LUCKY, and this bag has EIGHT rabbit feet. i feel really good about the yellow, but this bag would be equally lucky in brown.vintage silk scrap necklace. adjustable length means you can probably wear it every day. think of your cost per wearing! also comes in a great crimson color. geisha flower silk robe. ladies, there is NOTHING finer than a silk robe. last year around valentine's day, i hinted LOUDLY that it would really be nice to have a silk robe, while in a store that sold silk robes, while holding the one i wanted. for the past year, i have worn the shit out of that thing, feeling sassy and elegant and beautiful all the while. i highly recommend it.

{all images via viva terra; earth day information here and here}

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iheartkiwi said...

i'm not sure which one i love more... the necklace or the robe. the robe would definitely glam up my morning routine, that much is certain.

i'm suddenly really looking forward to earth day!

kristina said...

totally spring for the robe. when i get ready each morning, I AM THE MOST EXOTIC WOMAN IN THE WORLD. even when i wake up with purple wine-stained lips.