Friday, March 12, 2010

tech support.

please join me in welcoming the newest staff member here at the wonders: B-RAD, who is now in charge of all things TECH-related. i made him wear these glasses so you can see how smart he is. it is worth mentioning that recently, in an effort to add a 'subscribe by email' option to this here bloggity, i messed things up beyond ALL comprehension, pretty much deleted everything i've ever posted, and-oh yeah-failed to get the email thing done properly. not surprisingly, it took me several days to make this e-tarded mess happen, and after brad offered valiantly to try and fix it, i may have shouted something wholly inappropriate at him, like maybe AS IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO FIX MY BLOG, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING (for which i am very, very sorry for, and can only blame on the level of distraught-ness i was under, but that still didn't make it okay). anyway, fast forward to five minutes later, when brad had fixed everything i'd messed up, and also added some very handy email subscriptions thingies, as well as solved the problem i'd been having posting images. so i wanted let you all know that i am common-law married to the smartest man alive. he is also a real whiz in the kitchen, and has not complained once about the dresser i've been painting in the dining room, which has been there since january.

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