Thursday, March 29, 2012

martyn lawrence-bullard in the flesh.

as i mentioned previously, marty b came to town on tuesday to spill some secrets about his million-dollar design projects (and clients), and it. was. faaaaabulous. the house was packed at alkusari stone's showroom and MLB didn't wait long before bustin' out words like decadent, delicious, diva, daaaahhhling and VIBE (i learned a long time ago that if you're in LA and have to talk about design, you just say VIBE a lot and people are like oooohh yeeeessss, everything you're saying is crystal clear: indonesian vibe. spanish vibe. in-and-out burger vibe. you get it.). martyn had great stories about buying solid gold tapestries and meetings with cher while she takes a bath and buying a condo with elton john so joan collins couldn't have it, to name a few. also the osbornes have 26 dogs but zero rugs because none of the dogs are potty trained? in between the juicy bits, he had wonderful tales from the world of interior design and the entire audience was truly in a trance. it was fun and a nice break from my home away from home, aka the office, plus i got to meet a great designer during the book signing.
posing + pocket square combo = camera gold.
please note that martyn lawrence-bullard has some of the finest penmanship i've ever seen. if he decides that he's sick of all that international travel and hanging out with celebrities and making mad bags of cash, he has a solid future in calligraphy, which i TOTALLY mentioned to him whilst he was signing my book, and he was pretty much like, please go away, crazy lady.

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