Thursday, March 15, 2012

dear cambridge satchel,

i still love you but WHY ARE YOU TAKING SO LONG TO GET HERE???? for reals, yall. b-rad ordered one of these for me after i threw a Category 5 hissy fit, and that particular fit was like six months ago. or thirty days, whatever. anyway, the nice gal at cambridge satchel has sent a very nice apology for the delay, but what i'd really rather have is my fluoro bag, aka Order Number: 150307. let's get that thing stateside STAT.

in a related story, HIIIIIII. i'm hopeful to get back to regular-ish blogging when work slows down a bit, which is currently slated to happen on the seventh of never. i've got projects going in LONDON and new york right now (technically connecticut, but apparently that is a suburb of nyc), as well as a pantload of houston jobs, but the london bit is pretty great since it makes me INTERNATIONAL. i work on projects internationally now, bitches! it feels really good to say that. only took me ten years. there are so many really great things going on right now, work-wise, that i can't wait to share but for now, here are some of the luckiest ho-bags on the planet with better timing than me, obvs.

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