Tuesday, September 27, 2011

personal projects: luxe magazine.

so when i'm not waxing poetic about dog sweaters or youtube videos of dances i want to learn, i go to my job, which is at a very fancy interior design firm here in space city. if i've never mentioned the actual firm before (i haven't) you should know right now that my foul mouth and absurd ideas reflected on this blog have NOTHING to do with that very classy establishment (although i have been known to be a bad influence on my boss, who, prior to meeting me, was quite a lady). anyhow, should you need more details on where i work, we are in this month's national issue of luxe magazine (R.A.D.). pick one up if you are enjoying a free cocktail and some cheese in your local airport's president's club. i posted a photo of this home before, but here she is in all her splendor. photos by our super-talented photographer (and client!) julie soefer.

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