Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i'm a giant (weirdo) update: steve edition.

lots of you have mentioned that although you understand i'm building a dollhouse, it's tough to get a sense of scale without some recognizable hallmarks for sizing purposes.
so i hope this helps, because i probably shaved another six months off steve's tiny life span by cramming him in the living area. hims was terrified, y'all!

i'm really just killing time until some of my furnishings arrive, because i can hardly hang drapery prior, right? tiny DUH. as you can see, not much visual progress has been made (except the addition of one tiny dog inhabitant), but i want this thing to look good in person so little girls will see it and think it is pretty and then i will yell NO TOUCHING!!!! i've taken some care painting and re-painting the walls, which also means painting and re-painting the trim, because i'm sloppy and drink wine while painting and watching tv and talking on the phone all at the same time. if i build another dollhouse ever, i am going to paint at the beginning, FOR. SHORES. when i haven't been painting, there is still that gold leaf ceiling to contend with (you shiny disco bitch), and i totally thought i'd fixed it last night. thank heavens i didn't waste time writing a 'how to gold leaf like a pro' tutorial, because i am going to have to scrap it, which is a several-hours-down-the-tiny-drain bummer. as a consolation, i have silver leafed (paper, not foil) the bath floor at the top of the stairs. i also added some lighter colored grasscloth paper to the ceiling in the kitchen (it up n dark in there, yo) and finished the tree paper on the second floor, which was le bon difficult. i have partially installed the trim which will go around the stairs opening, and i'm going to add crown moulding and baseboards. i've decided i'm not wild about the bedroom flooring in the black and white... stay tuned for what may or may not happen there.

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