Tuesday, October 18, 2011

in five years' time.

i bought this today, be-yotches.
i figured i will start it on our first anniversary, which is sunday, for those of you who are not my husband (b-rad is right on top of that, rose, when it comes to anniversary celebrations). and here's why: a whole lot has changed in one years of life-slash-marriage, people. for starters, one of my bridesmaids is back in the U.S. of A. again, as opposed to singapore, where she lived one year ago. one of my bridesmaids moved away to live with her boyfriend (BOOOOOO). other friends got hitched and are already preggos. the last harry potter movie came out. sugar bear won a golf tournament. prince william got himself married. i wrote a poem about a sofa. wilson phillips really made a comeback. i met jonathan adler and suzanne kasler. target for missoni happened. kelly wearstler started a blog. important people passed away. this list could go on, but you get the idea.

so i think this will be cool. we shall see how goes it. i mean, one line a day, right? life's not hard when you're setting realistic and attainable goals. plus it is small and pretty and has gold-edged pages. plus it reminds me of this tremendously awesome song from the processional to our wedding, by noah and the whale. i would have pasted it up in here, but embedding has been disabled by request? what? say it ain't so, noah. so instead,


Brad said...

Brad won a golf tournament? I did not receive a newspaper clipping....

Erin Hood said...

Sounds great! And because it's blue, tiffany blue, and it will begin and end on your anniversary... yeah, you figure out the rest. REWARD!