Wednesday, August 3, 2011

good riddance, month of july.

hola bitches. sorry the posting has been little to non-existent of late. july has been a real kick in the pants, not just because it's hotter than the blue blazes of hell outside and not just because work has been crazier than ever. aside from a whole lot of other bad shit happening around me, brad's nanna passed away july 10th, after what turned out to be a pretty ferocious battle with cancer. things were on their way back to normal when my grandpa passed away july 29th. so i've just returned from the saddest funeral i've ever attended, although i know all funerals are sad. i can honestly say that if you've never attended a funeral where the deceased was buried with military honors, you should prepare yourself a bit better than i did, because it's extremely emotional. anyway, i've got a girlfriends trip to new orleans on the horizon to prepare for, so i can be fun and not weird and not a complete burden to all my friends (and spouse). i've been doing a lot of that lately (burdening) and i don't think it's very cool, so sorry, friends; sorry, husband. if/when i come back to blogging, fully expect that it will be more fun and light-hearted and not so forced.


ps-here are some pretty sweet pictures of our grandparents. brad's nanna (what a dish, right?) was a feisty gal who enjoyed gardening and entertaining, while grandpa was a bit more rough around the edges and did things like get into car accidents with his uncle guggenheim, as evidenced by the scrapes and bandages about his face in the photo below. may they both rest in peace.

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Erin Hood said...

Sweet post k! xoxo and no burden at all - we all have our moments to experience and process these things! Have fun on your girlie trip!