Monday, September 5, 2011


heavens to betsy, bitches. july really stunk and so did august, but i'm here to tell you that just when you are starting to think things won't improve, THEY DO. so many dankes to those of you who cared... all three of you. just jokes! it was really like four of you. FIVE, if you count the badasses over at ceylon et cie, who totally gave me a shout-out on michelle nussbaumer's blog after i wrote about my trip to visit their amazing shop in dallas. you may recall seeing ms. nussbaumer in last month's house beautiful, showing off her tricked-out custom truck (the NUSS-BOMB? that is what i'd call it anyway).

anyway, this makes me feel really cool. i was too busy being down in the dumpholes to notice this occurred way back in july, so lesson learned: internet slumps and general feeling sorry for myself need only last for a few days at the most, so i'm back. look forward to stories about steve the dog and lots of posts about things i'd buy or not buy at anthropologie/target/jcrew. maybe i will put some ideas for a new haircut on here. maybe i will post a scandalous tell-all about people who suck a bag of dicks! maybe i will show you some things i've pinned on my pinterest and, if my luck holds out, i will be able to post some super rad photos of design and-slash-or craft projects that have been happening. you just never know.

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ShannonWilson said...

Love the update - so glad you're back you stylish fox, you.