Monday, September 5, 2011

spirit animal.

i was flipping through the latest anthro catalog and about died when i saw this amazing party animal wallpaper. seriously, is that a badger wearing an eyepatch drinking a cocktail, hanging out with a mandolin-playing squirrel while a sloth smokes a hookah? YES PLEASE.

for starters, i've been very into black rooms lately. you might know that if you followed my pinterest. two, there has been lots of talk about spirit animals over here at casa wilson-luebe/johnson (that's right... the one and only audrey has temporarily taken up residence here and it. is. awesome. brad gets to have sister wives and audrey and i get to live in a never-ending slumber party). audrey is an ostrich and b-rad is OBVIOUSLY a bear (the kind that eats honey and steals pic-a-nic baskets, not the kind that killed grizzly adams), but it took me awhile to figure it out. i wanted to pretend i'm a beautiful unicorn but let's face it: i am not that graceful, elegant or mysterious. i'd also like to pretend that i'm a honey badger, but that's mainly because of hilarious commentary on recent honey badger footage. in reality (and seriously, what isn't REAL about a spirit animal?) i think i am a FOX.

have y'all seen the amazing animal portraits over at berkley illustration? i want one of all of them. they are hilarious, especially the bat.
"This bat is a lover of the nightlife, especially 80s Karaoke night. He always gets the crowd going with his falsetto rendition of "Dancing In The Dark"." 

i'm also a huge fan of the lion, goat, and bears. and badger, all of whom have an interesting tale to share. how awesome would this be in your kid's room? 

**update: not the first time i've gone on and on about these berkley prints, apparently. le whoops. at least i'm consistent.

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