Tuesday, September 6, 2011

people i admire: jenna lyons.

did y'all read that AMAZING nymag article about j. crew's jenna lyons? you should. i have been known to poo-poo on her for no reason at all but i will admit that i was wrong. i am tardy to the party where we all have a girl crush on J-LY (i mean, i've really changed my jcrew tune since the effing skirts got longer), but i think my crush has more to do with who she is in general, not just her style or what she's done for that brand. you have to admire someone who sews and is awkward and super weird (and wears dentures???) and has worked her ass off. from personal, unfamous experience i can tell you that is not an easy life to live, homies. not everyone is nice to the weird tall girl. anyway, read it here.

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