Wednesday, January 13, 2010

off with their heads: animal edition.

fear not, vegan friends! these animal heads are not only cruelty-free and an artistic tribute to nature's finer creatures, but also a delight for all walls, cannibalistic or not.

i know everyone has already seen the DELICIOUS carved animal heads from roost, but in case you've been living under a rock, here they are again. try not to drool on your keyboard. if the $869 price tag is a tad out of your price range (in this economic climate!), keep reading. (roost is also selling some sweet carved wood ducks, but this post is about animal heads, not ducks, so you'll have to check out the link for that.)(roost noble stag via velocity)(roost carved wood moose via velocity)(roost carved wood trophy heads via velocity)

for those of you designing on a dime (but still needing some beastiality up in your hiz), anthropologie just came up with a new, under $70 option.
(anthropologie savannah zebra)(anthropologie savannah rhino)(anthropologie savannah giraffe)

if you're not into the 3D options, or if you're afraid to poke your eye out, or if your dime needs to be stretched a bit further, here are some equally amazing framed options.
(wisteria donkey) SRSLY, wisteria has like, 50 animal options. i just showed the donkey one because i'm slightly partial to asses right now, but look at this grouping! (audrey, that bunny looks a little like queen beatrice von sauerkraut, no?)
and these are about the cutest thing i've ever seen. if i was into kids (i'm not), i might be inclined to mention how adorable these would be in your little boy's bedroom.(urban outfitters billy goat portrait)(urban outfitters polar bear portrait)

worth mentioning: this dandy cheetah's name is LORD GARLAND JENKINS. he has a monacle and bowtie. i sure hope we can register for wedding gifts at urban outfitters. feel free to purchase this for me.
(urban outfitters cheetah portrait)

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Courtney said...

Such a great round up! I adore the pieces from Roost (especially the Moose b/c one of our dogs is named Moose,) but their price tag is definitely a bit hefty for me right now! And I love the sketches at Wisteria and the portraits at Urban Outfitters too.