Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dallas market and design district.

so recently in january, i had the pleasure of going to market in dallas. market was kind of a MEH, but the upside was that we had enough time to thoroughly scour some of the dallas hot spots for designers, like dragon street and slocum street. this does not mean that dallas is in any way better than space city (dallas blows goats, y'all), but i saw some amazing stuff. if you are ever forced against your will to be in dallas, you can soften the blow by visiting this area of town, which is rich in awesomeness. i got to meet suzanne kasler during a book signing at hickory chair (she's delightful, btw) and took a ton of inspiring photos (not with her, unfortch). of the entire weekend, my favorite spot had to be michelle nussbaumer's ceylon et cie, a spanning, worldly warehouse of furnishings and accessories in a dizzying mix of pattern and color. seriously. those CEC folks really have some balls when it comes to refinishing furniture. after being fully dazzled and inspired by the greatness inside, we were further flattered when one of the employees actually drove us around town in his car because he didn't want us to wait for a cab. speaking of surprises, i also found that i don't completely hate all super contemporary furniture, which was a revelation of sorts, after visiting scott + cooner, mody & mody and artemide lighting. we also visited jan showers and a few other antiques dealers, like debris. anyway, here are some photos.

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Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Amazing pieces
That's a whole lot of good design