Tuesday, July 12, 2011

emilio perez and helmut newton. not lang.

i'm certainly no expert, but space city has some pretty wonderful art exhibits throughout the year, ranging from well-known masters to up-and-comers like this emilio perez show, which was breathtaking and really brought out my inner fine arts degree nerd. sadly, i lacked the $30,000 to bring one of these home, and it's been taken down from CTRL gallery, but trust when i say you need to not miss it next time. speaking of missing it, i referred all weekend to the helmut newton show as the helmut lang show, because i am smart and why is there more than one dude named helmut? anyway, no one corrected me so i'll assume i'm not the only idiot, because even the nicest person has to at some point tell you that you have a giant slab of celery in your teeth, right? anyway, is anyone else in houston going to see the helmut newton badassery at the mfah? PS-if you are hoping to see helmut lang you are going to be so bummed.

{photos taken with my iphone.}


chezjolly said...

These are awesome! Your phone takes awesome pics :)
-Jessica & Holly

Erin Hood said...

Beautiful work! Start saving...right!?

kristina said...

chezjolly-my iphone camera appreciates the compliment. it was really just having the best day ever... most of the time, it's a bit blur, a lot fail. thanks for stopping by!

ehood-I KNOW. who is buying this? i need to meet them and their wallet.