Friday, October 14, 2011

i'm a giant (weirdo) update.

when i say doll, you say house. DOLL. HOUSE. DOLL. HOUSE.

dollhouse-ery took a turn this week when i decided to gold leaf my living room ceiling. you see, i had some gold leaf materials, which i had never used, nor never tried. being the highly over-confident person that i am, i thought using gold leaf for the first time ever, in my neverland ranch dollhouse for adults, would be easy. i was a little bit wrong. or, as they say on my favorite television program (which is coming back, y'all!!!), i made a huge tiny mistake. what i'm trying to say is that, while there IS some gold leaf on the ceiling of my dollhouse, there is also gold leaf aaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllll over this casa. it is stuck to my nails, it is all over the floor, it is in my clothes, it is in sugarbear's golf materials and crosswords. and there have been some extremely elegant moments on our recent dog walks, IF YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING. i'm talking fancy poop, people! like straight goldschl├Ąger class. i'm surprised the kardashians haven't thought of this yet. anyway, i digress. aside from the giant nightmare on the ceiling, i have made a ladder out of twigs from the magnolia tree in our front yard. mainly because i am not down with the kit-supplied stairs, either labor-wise or space-wise. this ladder MIGHT get a re-do (probably not), where i paint the twigs black or gray. stay tuned.

LISZT BUSTZ. that stays. so cool, right? it will be a sculpture in this house, because these tiny dwellers are loaded. also, i got that sweet black and white watch in round top, which works! and will become the wall clock somewhere.

lest things get too fancy, i am incorporating a large wall photo of one of the wilson family idols, the late great john wayne (duke, not gacy). you see, the duke passed away while my mother was pregnant with me, so in my baby book, it looks like this: page one, john wayne's obituary. page two, BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT! and my baby photo. also, for as long as i can remember, there has been a framed photo of the duke in my parent's house, so i thought it would be cool to incorporate into this tiny house of unhealthy child-like dreams. don't act like i am making this up, people. in my family, the stories really write themselves.

so back to this DH-i plan to make a beaded chandelier this weekend, with nothing but my wits and those steel rings. and maybe some wires and beads. and probably it will go in the kitchen? i need some flare in there, although my table top did arrive via etsy, and it is a record!! of the soundtrack to my most favorite movie ever, the sound of music.

oh, and i picked up some POS candlestick thing, which has tiny elephant heads as legs?? so this will become a table of some sort, perchances. it needs a new top situation, as i tore it up pretty bad before enlisting the help of b-rad. lastly, doorknob and iddy biddy widdle keys. stupid cute. are you making your own dollhouse yet? WHY ARE SO FEW PEOPLE COMMENTING ON THESE DOLLHOUSE POSTS? i do this mainly for the fun but i would be lying if i said that i need to hear what you are thinking, even if it is like BITCH YOU CRAZY or something. i mean my dog is pooping gold, for crying out loud. holler if you hear me already.


Brad said...

i really hope that you make a tiny rough-cut wood frame for that john wayne picture, for authenticity.

Emily @ Go Haus Go said...

Finally! A fellow dollhouse-er! I'm doing the competition too and agree with you - it seems like there are crickets!!!!!

Sarah K. (The Mama Pirate) said...

Love the John Wayne picture! Your house is getting fabulous (I sang fabulous rather than said it)!

kristina said...

thanks guys! i put in several hours last night and things are shaping up. just waiting for some very tiny furniture shipments to come in...