Friday, October 14, 2011

personal projects: gotcha covered.

remember when i was all 'we are in a magazine?' bad news if you hated that story, folks, because the horn-tooting is not over. the luxe magazine article running nationally about the house we designed in river oaks was picked for the local cover, so all over the fiiiiiiiine state of texas, you can pick up one of these bad boys bad boys. whatchoo gonna do? get TEN DOLLARS and go buy one, that's what. yeah, i said ten dollars. shit is up and f.a.n.c.y. round here, y'all.

hey and while you are at it, running around town and buying magazines and all, why don't you pick up houston house and home? because we-slash-this house are in that, too, as part of the ASID kitchen and bath tour. SO YOU CAN TOTALLY VISIT THIS HOUSE IN PERSON!!
yeah, i tried to rotate this one. it didn't work, so sorries. you don't need to see that rustic elegance anyway.

just look at her! candy apple, looking good. 

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