Monday, February 21, 2011

kelly wearstler has a blog?

oh of coooooooooooourse she does. i am half impressed and equally DAMN YOU WEARSTLER (shaking a fist at the sky). to clarify, i love kelly dubs. big time. however, she beat me to using kw professionally and she seems to do no wrong, so her awesomeness can be a bit frustrating. case in point: the high-heeled my little pony pink snakeskin boots and lavendar jean jacket combo, as seen below? i sure wish i'd done that first. kwearst is fearless and memorable, and those are certainly aspirational qualities.
did i ever tell y'all about the time i met KWID? and by "met", i of course mean "walked by twice and tried to muster the courage to say hello but ultimately failed because she was already surrounded by about twenty worshippers". this was at the avalon hotel in LA, which i have drooled about before (and, if you're just joining us, is a kelly wearstler original). laura and i were seated poolside, in one of those very impressive graphic-walled cabanas, remarking on how it was indeed, not a nashville party, when our waiter polited inquired as to what would have brought two gals from texas all the way to the avalon hotel. because i am both classy and unable to tell lies to complete strangers, i naturally responded KELLY WEARSTLER. laura and i thought it was pretty funny (interior design jokes! played on unsuspecting waiters!) until the waiter got really nervous and started looking around, and then he did that thing where you put one hand up to your mouth so you can tell a big secret.... like SHE'S SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU IN THE BOOTH TO YOUR LEFT. which she was. and i guess you already know how that ended.


Matt said...

I am so glad I work during the day because if I didn't between my daytime stories and your blog I'd go crazy with "oh no she di-ent."

kristina said...

dear matt-
i am BEYOND thrilled just to know you're following this here blog-roll. keep those comments a-comin'.
internet hugs-