Tuesday, February 22, 2011

do it yourself.

is your broke-ness giving you a case of the sads? dry up, because D-I-Y is looking less and less shabby these days. thanks to the internets and sharp creativity, you don't even need mad cash to make your pad super fancy. here are tutorials for two extremely clever at-home projects that are guaranteed to impress your friends and make all your wildest dreams come true:

ultra sick john robshaw-ish block-print rug, via apartment therapy, found over at april and may.

swank dorothy draper nightstand knock-offs, via marcus design, found over at little green notebook.


ShannonWilson said...

New project for the summer: the DIY rug. LOVE IT. Kristina your blog has become like a drug to the creative part of my brain, thanks.

kristina said...

shannie-britches, i am thrilled to hear it! i'll attempt to increase my re-posting of the amazing projects i come across, with you in mind!