Friday, November 19, 2010

gypsy maturin.

i was in LA for work (not recently, but i'm just getting around to mentioning it) and did some shopping on la cienega one day (mainly just to stalk around for kelly wearstler), where i stumbled upon a pretty rad-tastic line of rugs: the gypsy/maturin. made of all natural materials and hand-embellished... they pretty much blew my doors off. the peacock one is technically too 3-D to use as anything other than a wall hanging and the sparrow one is a little too trendy, but the mohair and horsehair kilim is just lovely. i think they're really on to something, so i'll allow it. i should mention that on this particular trip to LA, i did actually run into kelly wearstler while i was at the avalon (totally stalking), but didn't recognize her at first, as she was not wearing a flowerpot on her head. aw, just jokes, fellow kw!

{learn more about the gypsies here. carried at woven accents on la cienega b-l-v-d.}

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