Thursday, November 18, 2010

cape town.

brrrr. it up an' got a bit cold in space city, so that, plus emma thompson's coat in pirate radio (which b-rad, of all people, showed me this weekend), plus this insanity has caused me to jump off the deep end on a project that i will likely start and not finish: SEWING MY OWN WOOL CAPE. after all, i have a serger, which is proof that i am extremely serious, if somewhat inefficient, at sewing my own clothes. i've also made no effort to hide my deep and abiding love for all things cape (plz refer to exhibits A and B and C). so i bought a cape pattern today. do note that it is of the Very Easy variety. fortunately, i was gifted with many yards of delicious winter-white wool, and i've never really known what to do with it (thanks again, michelle hanny's mom via my sister brandie). hear that, b-rad? that shit was FREE, so don't serve me up a poop sandwich by asking how much it cost. i should clarify that to date, i have successfully sewn not one, but three capes: one made of magic gold sequins (for a friend attending a phish concert), one that was RED AND MAROON SILK CHEVRONS (for thomas turner of the hot electronica band ghostland observatory) and one of beautiful, mustard-colored silk, ownership of which is still tbd. granted, these were all mainly costume and-slash-or joke capes. the good news is that i have some local seamstresses (seamstri?) in my back pocket that i can turn to in the event (and by event, i mean 'complete likelihood') that i decide to bail early. my swingin' pattern, emma T and a general cape round-up are featured below. stay tuned for future cape updates (capedates), but let's not hold our breath, mkay? wish me luck.ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: ANTHROPOLOGIE:PAUL AND JOE SISTER:JCREW:

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

You should probably make 2, just in case you have a friend who has been totally jonesing for her very own cape, but can't for the life of her find an excuse to buy one because she may or may not be currently living in the hottest place alive, Singapore.