Saturday, April 10, 2010

what the hell, jcrew?

dear jcrew-

are you trying to send us all to the poor house? and HOWONEARTH am i to wait until FALL 2010 to get that delicious plaid cape? or frankly, any of these ragamuffin on a hunting trip in switzerland pieces? once again, i'll take one of everything, you jackass swindler bastards.


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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

Egads. Just when I thought I couldn't love JCrew anymore, they went and did THIS. Bastards. Somehow that Jenna stylist chick that they BRILLIANTLY hired manages to layer no less than 37 items on one negative 0-sized model and makes it look both effortless and chic. Pretty sure I would look like a homeless person that doesn't have a closet if I tried to pull off any of these looks, but I'd like to at least give it a try.
Dear JCrew: get your fancy pants over to London, STAT.