Monday, October 24, 2011

i'm a giant (weirdo) update: ch-ch-ch-changes.

first of all, how about a tiny round of applause for emily henderson, who not only dreamed up this hobby extraordinaire, but also did a round up last of everyone participating in the challenge. it's awesome to see what all the other nerds are doing with their spare time, so danke emily. you can check it out here.

i really thought the dollhouse would be poorly received, like a manrepeller of the hobby variety. we can all agree that it is strange (YET TOTALLY NORMAL AND COOL) for a childless woman to obsess over and build an intricate replica of what i'm affectionately calling 'marie antoinette's country coke den', but everyone who i've told has been politely interested. some people have also been enthusiastic about my participation, which has been a nice surprise. i've also started to remember all sorts of weird dollhouse references from the past, such as this super creepy awesome video that was part of my sesame street programming as a child:

i also recall that one of my favorite books as a kid was the borrowers, which were little people who lived in the floorboards and borrowed things from the owners of the home to survive. arrietty clock anyone? anyone? i kept my eyes peeled around our house as a kid, but i'm pretty sure either a) borrowers didn't live there or b) they might not be real. which sucks, because i could really use a borrower or two to help me reupholster some of this tiny furniture that has been arriving on tiny moving trucks. 

so after taking a tiny step back, i decided i wasn't digging the blue walls in the kitchen or the black and white floor upstairs. although wallpapering is tricky, i've added paper to the kitchen (a vintage map of paris) and re-done the floor in the bedroom upstairs to be something much more ridiculous and gaudy. animal print floors? MEOW, people... really a no-brainer. i am purchasing tiny crown moulding and baseboards, and i've been unable to resist strange tiny things, like parrots and trivial pursuit and the tiniest little heads of lettuce in a crate! so that's where it's at. i should finish the front of the house today and then it will be more little things like painting, before i do a major overhaul on some furnishings.


Tina Wood said...

i have the same kit that is in the process of becoming a shabby chic cottage. nice progress on yours :)

kristina said...

thanks tina!! i really need to finish it-i'm so close!!