Thursday, October 27, 2011

living vicariously through other peoples' kitchens.

should you need respite from the monotony of your own home, and should you be a resident of the greater houston area, i highly recommend checking out the 2011 ASID Kitchen and Bath Tour, occurring next saturday (november 5th) from 10am-5pm. for the magical price of $20, the tour features nine lovely homes throughout space city, including one particular stunner designed by my firm (not that i'm playing favorites or anything).

for those of you hoping to learn a thing or two about a thing or two, there are also some in-house seminars going on in some homes, hosted by industry partners and scheduled to occur as shown here.

AND THAT IS NOT ALL. if ya'll wanna party like we do, if ya'll wanna party like us... there are two parties happening and you should go to them, because i will be there and i would love to meet you. if you've not yet visited the new westheimer plumbing showroom (SPOILER ALERT: no longer located on westheimer), i'm here to tell you it is up n fancy. like $20,000 bathtubs and shit. plus lots of affordable items for common folk like you and me.
so don't be a square and GET YOUR TICKETS HERE. you can also purchase a ticket at the door of any of these fine homes ($25 at the door) but be prepared-they are only taking cash money, hoes.

Peggy Hull, ASID - 3302 Tangley Road
Elizabeth Koval, ASID, CAPS, CKD - 2105 Del Monte Drive
Laura Umansky, Alllied Member ASID and Assoc. AIA - 2909 Inwood Drive
Jane Page Crump, ASID - 6007 Glen Cove Street
Laura Litton, ASID, RID (Jane Page Design Group) - 10822 Timberglen Drive
Blake Woods, ASID - 744 W. 43rd Street
Blake Woods, ASID - 1023 W. 43rd Street
Lynne T. Jones, ASID - 1003 Gardenia Drive
Nicole Bruno - Marino of Cabinet Innovations - 1025 Richelieu Lane

and should you need any additional convincing, which is just preposterous since i'm sure you'll already have purchased a dozen tickets by now, you can roll up and see this stunner in person. that light fixture and damien hirst are worth the drive, ladies and gents. worth it.

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