Friday, November 26, 2010

panton (not pantonE).

i am on what would now appear to be a never-ending hunt for a new dining table and chairs. they're like my own little red october... elusive and tricky, sans the connery. although i've purchased hundreds of chair/table combos for clients, this will be my first foray into the world of grown-up furniture for personal use, so i am super hesitant to muck it up. i'm also hesitant to make any decision whatsoever, for fear that something new or better will be introduced, and i've heard this is a somewhat common problem amongst interior designers. maybe we should start a support group? anyway, for reasons unbeknownst to me, i have forever wanted some white panton chairs. i started with the panton chairs idea, and then i considered everythingelseintheworld, and now i'm back on the panton. customized panton, mind you, like these dizzying religious ones that first started my obsession several years ago. we all saw them, but take another look at st. bartholomew's church in eastern bohemia by czech designer maxim velcovsky... now, i'm thinking some sort of table, plus panton chairs, which i am on the fence about possibly laser-engraving. aforementioned table deffo can't get too contemporary or these chairs won't work in my flea market chic dumpster of a living room, so maybe some sort of rustic-y slab or updated trestle? iiiiiiiiiiiii know. MOST ORIGINAL IDEA EVER, right? but seriously. i keep it weird with the other things going on in this house, so the table can't be playing left field. one of these days (probably the seventh of never) i'll post some pics of the room's other components, in case you really are dying to see how the W-L's live. for now, marinate over these fancy images i google image searched.
{more on st. b's magic church here. other images via sally wheat interiors, gabriel ross, thirteen and south and the selby.}

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