Friday, November 26, 2010

purses i don't need.

but tottttallalllaay want, because i am greedy, y'all. after all, it is black friday. i should mention that instead of going out and doing my duty to keep our commerce pumping, i have elected to stay (at my brother's) home (in kansas) and save my dollars (as well as spend time with my adorable sister-in-law). i should also mention that i am on a bit of a kate spade kick, still thanks in part to that sweater rachel berry wore on glee last season, as well as a saddle bag kick, as well as an animals-on-my-purses kick. after all, i am currently galavanting about town with this whimsical purebred tote from anthro: so ENJOY! kick.{kate spade KENESSA (no points deducted for stupidest name ever, k. spade, but w a t c h i t. i will grant a one-time pardon because this bag is a peacock tailfeather replica, and thus stupid awesome.)}
{hobo international ABOVE BOARD in aubergine summit leather, natch.}
{kate spade LARABEE DOT NEDA WALLET. i actually do need this one. b-rad, as we have a shared bank account, either you can purchase it, or i can, but}
{marc jacobs PEDAL TO THE METAL FLAP POUCHETTE. this sucker is small and perf for a concert.}
--sidenote to b-rad: my new larabee bird wallet would look pretty dreamy in that hobo bag, wouldn't it? i'm just sayin. --end sidenote.

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Raina Cox said...

I could totally go for the Cole Haan. Totally!