Monday, January 25, 2010


dear brad-

valentine's day is just around the corner, and i know you've been scouring the Fire N' Ice collection at Zales, but i don't need any diamonds this year. alls i need is a dik-dik (no, not that kind, but thankyouallthesame). actually, i think i need two or three dik-diks. let's face it: if you can get dik-diks cheaper by the dozen, just get a couple dozen. so please stop whatever it is that you're doing right now, call up africa and say I NEED THREE DOZEN DIK-DIKS:these adorable miniature antelope are about 16" tall when fully grown and they get their name from the sound they make when they're scared. despite the fact that they are called dik-diks and hail from the east african bush, i suspect dik-diks are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. i challenge you to find anything more precious and adorable in this entire world.

love, kristina

ps-i will also need a magical fairy-land backyard and a dik-dik feeder.

{via cute overload.}

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Stacy said...

OMG! Ok, my dog is more adorable (I have to say that), but these things are pretty freaking precious! I want one too! Found your blog by searching Houston bloggers, FYI.