Wednesday, December 22, 2010

spindle fabric is the new cole & sons woods.

i was getting pretty jazzed to use this new 36-24-36 spindle fabric from christopher farr cloth, but M'GOODNESS. now i can't, just on principle... which is truly a shame, because although adorable, it is turning up (pun fully intended) everywhere. a trifecta of awesome (whimsical graphic pattern, CHECK. linen, CHECK. available in several great colorways, CHECK.), it clearly looks fantastic anywhere.

like celerie kemble's nyc swagger pimp loft, via lonny mag:
or this cute wing chair from (shocker) anthropologie:
or this adorable headboard and bedding from darryl gordon design:
or THE LATEST, fancy london home of colette van den thillart, via nero chronicles & canadian house & home:i should of course clarify that i have cole and sons woods wallpaper in my guest bedroom. like every other person in the world, i couldn't resist.


colette said...

thanks for the post Kristina! It's fun to see it in other spaces, i've used it for a while now and HAD it for even longer and im still mad about it.

kristina said...

you are welcome, colette! when i saw this shot of your casa over at nero, i almost died. i've had your particular colorway sitting on my desk for a coon's age, just waiting for a worthy application. it looks absolutely fab on those chairs. thanks for stopping by!