Monday, November 30, 2009 it to me.

i'm extremely tardy to the party on this post, but i'm pretty sure you'll still owe me some danke schoen's when this is over. ever heard of from what i can tell, they're an l.a. company that makes bad-ass accessories, mainly for your hair. recently, they came out with a new line called heart by, and it practically gave me a heart murmur. i want one of everything, and i want it in every color. while we're at it, i'd like an assortment of striped t-shirts. and a pony. so get on that, santa.
they also have some breathtaking pieces in their other collections that are less on the affordable side, but worth it for that special occasion, such as anytime you attempt to see CAKE in concert (better arrive 2 hours early) or the day taylor lautner turns 18 (february 11th, 2010). i could tooooootally make these, but let's face it: i am amazing at planning craft projects but my follow-through is lacking.

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