Monday, November 2, 2009

furniture: dinner bell.

i'm kind of dying for a new dining table. i have been for a really, really long time, but we are fortunate enough to have a big island in our kitchen that houses four counterstools, so those, in addition to the existing hand-me-down table, have been a'plenty for awhile.

this table consistently shows up in my dreams, but i have to remind myself that it will never, ever, ever in ten million years happen, because it costs $4,395. dammit. how much are kidneys worth these days? i would straight up trade a kidney for this table.
(oly studio clint table)

and then i saw this guy, and i tried to convince myself that it was almost the same as The Table of My Dreams (above), but was much more attainable at $899. i never quite talked myself into it, but i still think it's a good option to keep in the back of my mind.(cb2 darjeeling table)

and then yesterday, i decided to look at some of the backlog of catalogs that have been showing up in droves (thanks, holiday season.), and i found THIS LITTLE GEM:
(restoration hardware flatiron table)

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeGADS. i generally like restoration hardware, but dismiss them quickly because they are so re-goshdarn-diculous when it comes to pricing. however, let the record show that i officially stand corrected. this sexy beast is only $955 (which is still a lot) but with my interior design discount, i could make this my own for something like $764. i spent about six minutes thinking of ways to convince my fiance that we needed this table like we needed oxygen, and then i got out the tape measure for a quick visualization... and it is just too big. this table is 107" long. motherbitch.

so i'm back to the drawing/dreaming board. maybe i can make a home-made version of my RH stunner, using this technique.

while we're at it, i also want to replace our existing counter stools with either these:(restoration hardware vintage barstool)

or these:

(sundance mid-century stool)

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