Tuesday, December 22, 2009

you're a corker, shannon. what a corker you are.

i have a habit of saving wine corks. in my head, it's still 1992 and i'm watching far and away thinking that tom cruise is SO. HANDSOME. and i live in a tuscan house where decorating with wine corks is a great and modern idea. bad news, folks: tom cruise is a level-seven weirdo and wine cork decor is not a good idea. so muster your strength and let's all let donate our corks to a WONDERFUL cause. if you are in the houston area, you can drop off your excess corks at SPECS and become a part of The Cork Project. (let's face it: you're headed there anyway to stock up on holiday booze. you learned your lesson at thanksgiving, right?) not only will your corks will be recycled, Specs will donate money for cancer research for every cork collected. i hate to state the obvious, but we're all going to get some sort of cancer eventually, so just look at it as paying it forward. find more information on the project, which has been ongoing since MAY for crying out loud, at specs online or here.
for the millions of loyal readers not in the houston area, you can still participate in cork recycling via TerraCycle or ReCork America. or do a google search for cork recycling in your area.

{via lauren w., the gal with a heart of gold}

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