Thursday, January 28, 2010

recommended movies, music and jason segel.

it's turning into a an extremely music-heavy thursday, but let me explain by saying that i love it when two worlds collide, and i love it even more when the result of that collision is something AMAZING, and whenever music or jason segel is involved, i'm going to put it on the blog. brad and i have watched (recommended movie #1) forgetting sarah marshall about nine hundred and fifty times. it is a great, hilarious movie. NOT FOR KIDS. parts of the film are somewhat inappropriate, but genuinely hysterical due to the main character, played by jason segel (who also happens to be the writer). in the movie, jason's character is a musician and you quickly get the impression that jason is actually a talented musician (and puppeteer-this movie features a healthy dose of puppets, but is still not for the kids). skip ahead to (recommended movie #2) once. this movie is romantic and sad and provoking, and it will kind of break your heart (so i'm sure it doesn't surprise you to hear that brad and i have only watched it twice). it tells the story of two down-and-out musicians who meet by chance and create something magical... you just need to trust me on this one. it's really fantastic. the main characters in once are played by real musicians who won an oscar for a song in the movie and went on to form a band called the swell season (recommendation #3). anyhow, i highly recommend both films and the band, but i ultimately recommend anything jason segel has ever done (freaks and geeks, i love you man, knocked up), especially this video, featuring jason segel performing with the swell season at a recent show in los angeles.

i called the number (315.329.6673) and it's really jason segel. what a dream boat. not sure yet if i'll be emailing


audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

I find Jason Segel to be charmingly ADORABLE. And funny, which always equals sexpot in my book. What's that? You're musically gifted as well, Jason Segel? Mmmmhmmm. It's a good thing he lives so far away from me, otherwise he might have a level 5 stalker on his hands. Plus, I'm married, so that could be detrimental for both of us.

kristina said...

agreed. funny = hottest man alive, whether or not you're married. but how did you get to the ripe age of 27 and not know about the top five list? i assume you watched friends? check it out: my list includes ryan reynolds, jason bateman, daniel craig in bond, adrian grenier and the baby werewolf from twilight. but let's face it: werewolves are not funny. and they are 17, and have probably never even seen friends. so there might be a spot for jason segel after all.