Friday, February 12, 2010

ace of cakes: well played april reed.

i'm hoping to just get by with one wedding cake, and forgo the groom's cake. what is that, anyway? we're married now, and we're going to kick it off by not agreeing on one cake? besides, as my dentist knows, i gave my soul to cake's slutty cousin, CANDY, years ago. since i don't really like cake anyway (especially when CANDY is around), i suppose THE CAKE can be the groom's cake (but i get to pick what it looks like). here are some photos i've been hoarding. btw, april reed has designed some of the most simple, lovely desserts i've ever seen, and most of these cakes are hers. homegirl even WELCOMES the use of her images as inspiration for your own cake, as in, 'please feel free to copy my designs.' how cool is that?{images 1 via the internet (and likely april reed), image 2 via april reed, image 3 via martha stewart weddings, image 4 via snippet & ink, image 5 via april reed}{all images via april reed}

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B-Rad said...

My lovely wife and I have not discussed this...we ARE having a groomsman's cake and it IS going to be chocolate...preferably of the Devil Food's Cake variety.

kristina said...


you can absolutely have the devil's food variety. one question: does this man-cake need to laud and magnify one of your hobbies or favorite things, as in, an assassin's creed 2 devil's food cake or a titleist golf ball devil's food cake, or can it just look like one of the cakes above?