Monday, February 15, 2010

furniture: master bedroom.

in the future, should you find yourself planning and paying for a wedding, i recommend taking periodic breaks from all things matrimonial to shop online for new home furnishings. once you have begun the process of making huge wedding-related decisions that will ultimately drain your bank account, there's no sense in stopping when it comes to furniture. (trust me, i'm an expert.) besides, shopping for things that will be discontinued by the time you're able to afford them is a superb use of your time. i think i read that in a book somewhere... in the meantime, here are a few things i've got in the hopper. the mitchell gold + bob williams vandyke one-drawer side table & vandyke tall drawer chest are leading the pack. after i noticed that both pieces have super-pimp red lacquer drawer interiors (in addition to the already delicious brass finishes), everything else started to look terrible. and what's this? i can REGISTER FOR FURNITURE at mg+bw? done and done.

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