Thursday, February 25, 2010

nerd boyfriend.

currently loving all things geek over on nerd boyfriend. also, this will really cut down my search the next time brad wants a fair isle sweater.
all images via nerd boyfriend. {thanks adam willis slash the general assembly}

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Adam W. said...

You're quite welcome. Anything to make searching for Fair Isle sweaters a bit easier! A friend of a friend runs that there blog and it's definitely one of my daily visits.

kristina said...

oh, fair isle knits... if only winter was just beginning, instead of ending. RIGHT, WINTER? weren't you planning to leave soon?

i'm not shocked to hear that someone you know writes this blog, since you l.a. kids totally have your finger on the pulse of everything gangster. i was still in the midst of trying to wrap my head around that fruit bats thing, and then ryan put something up about a ting tings video.