Friday, February 12, 2010

setting the record straight: bottoms up.

i posted earlier today about a certain lady that is allergic to pants, and then saw these pictures five seconds later. since i'm in a particularly blog-y mood, now is as good a time as any to clarify my stance on pants (or lack thereof). thus, despite being a quite confusing fashion conundrum, i feel that most people understand and agree that leggings are not PANTS. even though leggings cover your legs and pants cover your legs, it's fairly certain that at no point do leggings = pants.

likewise, fishnet pantyhose are not pants, nor are underpants a suitable replacement for pants, UNLESS
1. you are lady gaga, and are wearing your Not Pants plus some sort of craft project glued to your face with a jacket made of prime rib (aka PERFORMANCE ART) or
2. you are performing on a stage, in front of an audience or
3. you are in or around a swimming pool/body of water.
outside of these exceptions and when in public, everyone should opt for something of the BOTTOMS variety, no? please holla if you hear me or smell what i'm stepping in.

unfortunately, there are people (mainly celebrities who are on crack) that think my stance on pants is WRONG. to be fair, it appears this girl also missed the HAIRBRUSH tutorial, so perhaps i'm being too hard on ke$ha (or call her mi$$ $ebert, because she is na$ty), who wore the following ensemble to a fashion show last night. where she was not performing.
{images via refinery 29 coverage (ha) of erin wasson x rvca}

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Cally said...

How do they not feel weird? I mean have you seen pictures from when Lady Gaga was strolling around in freezing weather with no pants?!?!

kristina said...

i don't get it. i mean, the last thing i need is cooter frostbite. btw-if i ever install a cb radio, that will be my handle.

lorrikim said...

There is a girl at work who has not read your memo. She clearly either has a difference in opinion about how long a "shirt" should be before it counts as a "shirtdress" or really just doesn't give a f***. It's really a toss-up.

Michelle said...

What can I say...I sort of dig Ke$ha's style since I read an interview in which she listed her style icons as "Keith Richards" and "Pirates". I think the world is a happier place with a lady Captain Jack Sparrow.