Thursday, February 4, 2010

wedding colors: tea rose and roman coffee.

lately, people have been asking about my wedding colors (and my THEME, which i'm pretty sure is WEDDING), and they don't think it nearly as funny as i do when i respond BLUSH AND BASHFUL. the fact is, i am kind of angling for no colors. non-colors, if you will... neutrals, but not completely neutral. not PINK, but like a whisper of pink? barely pink? dusty rose? it's the kind of answer that i'm really embarrassed to give, and i can tell by the look on your face that you completely regret ever asking in the first place. so i really owe a huge thank you to this is glamorous for nailing it. henceforth, my wedding palette will be known as tea rose and roman coffee. i'm also mixing in a healthy dose of gray and a ton of old-school gold, you know, to class it up.
{first three images via this is glamorous; bottom two images from snippet and ink}

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