Wednesday, February 10, 2010

wedding hair: suggestions welcome.

(i'm experiencing some creative drought over here, so i'm falling back on youtube videos and wedding posts. YAWN. sorry, nine loyal readers. let's work through this together.)

when it comes to my wedding weave, i would really love to wear my hair down. however, i have tresses the exact consistency of TROLL DOLL HAIR, and it is always in a ridiculous tangle. i need to consult with my stylist to make sure it's possible, but i'm really hoping to rock a fancy, somewhat messy version of the side pony tail or side pony BUN (not to be confused with the casual side ponytail i wear every other day)(a look brad has dubbed the CAS' PO). i'm talking about a GIANT, texas-sized side pony tail with some shit stuck in there for flare. maybe brooches, maybe a giant bow, maybe some russian birdcage veil, maybe a combo. we'll see what comes out with in the next few collections. they are pretty brilliant at setting the hair accessory trends, after all. any thoughts?
{photos (in order) via tumblr, style me pretty, the modern type, ben blood and i'm blanking on the last one; all via my favorite wedding blogs... i'm sorry i didn't keep better track as i was feverishly stashing these images in my WEDDING HAIR folder}

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audrey 'business suit' johnson said...

First of all, nine loyal readers? You must have at least 11 by now. Don't sell yourself short - your blog is E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-I-N-G.

I'm really digging what the last chick is working with. You know how I feel about netting, and those peonies are LOVELY and over the top. Which is almost an exact description of you. Perfect.

lorrikim said...

I like all of these! And I think you should consider a "consultation" with Miss Leah Robarts. We decided to "consult" about the plan for my wedding hair approximately two hours before the big moment and I think she turned my straggly mane into a work of art:

kristina said...

your hair did look fabulous. leah did a wonderful job. if memory serves (and i think we'd all had a few champagne drinks poolside), didn't she incorporate a great deal of artificial hair weave?