Wednesday, February 17, 2010

winter olympic fashions.

is there anyone in the world who doesn't love the olympics? from a patriotic standpoint, it's something every nation should get behind. on a more basic level, it's just good tv. the kooky sports that you forgot even existed, the tragic tales about the kid who left home at the age of three to train with his coach, the pride of watching someone succeed at their dreams, the commentators with names like dick button, the lump in your throat during the awards ceremonies, the close races, the underdogs, THE OUTFITS. last night, i was glued to the men's figure skating short program, aka halloween-on-ice fashion show. it. was. MESMERIZING. here are some highlights.

Italy's Samuel Contesti, a suspiciously greasy overalls-wearing body shop worker:Belgium's Kevin van der Perren, a partial rhinestone skeleton desperately in search of his torso and pelvis:USA's Johnny Weir, in a hot topic-inspired oilskin corset complete with ruffles, pink faux-lacing, pink shoulder tassel (just one) and black mesh gloves:Czech Republic's Tomas Verner, a plucky sailor on a frozen Canadian sea:USA's Evan Lysacek-wearing a VERA WANG number with sequin straps, feather aiguillettes on the shoulders and FEATHER GLOVES:it's safe to say that the vera wang outfit is the most normal of these, until you factor in the whole 'designed by vera wang' part. now, if feather gloves ever show up under my christmas tree, i would rock those like a hurricane, but seriously vera. wedding dresses, mattresses and now men's figure skating attire?

{images via examiner and zimbio. more information on dick button here.}

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