Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the adventures of steve.

sorry for the light posting of late. between the wedding and the houston rodeo (possibly more on that later), plus my traveling pants, insane amounts of birthdays and showers, and oh yeah-i have a job-i'm BUSY, y'all. but this might entertain you. or not. it is, after all, a post about my dog.

i've just had to rescue steve, who was being held hostage on the stairs by one of our giant cats. this happens a few times a month, and although hilarious to me, it usually terrifies poor widdle 'teve to the point where you can hear his distress wimpers throughout the house. have i ever mentioned that steve is the tiniest dog in the world? i suppose if i were the size of steve, life in general (but especially giant cats) would scare the shit out of me, too. here he is with his enormous sister ginger, who weighs ten pounds, just to give you an idea. (what a heifer, right? MOO ALREADY.)and because it is almost warm enough, here is a picture of steve on the boat. that expression on his face is the closest thing i've ever seen to a dog smile.

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