Monday, March 8, 2010

congratulations to me, or, 2010: the year of the baby.

i traveled north recently to visit my new nephew, kaleb (i am, after all, the WORLD'S GREATEST AUNT), who was born on his grumpa's (aka my father's) birthday, february 8th. kaleb is the youngest of four children belonging to my older sister and her husband, all of whom will be making their wedding debut as flower girls and ring bearers at my wedding in october. obviously, the good news is that kaleb is really adorable and healthy. but the GREAT NEWS is that post-baby shower, both of my younger sisters announced that they have buns in their ovens! the weird news is that they are due WITHIN DAYS of one another in late august, which is further evidence that i come from the most fertile line of women in the world. anyway, prepare yourselves for a cute overload, because my wedding child army just grew by two more, and they will be tiny. here's a photo of kaleb and i, but please ignore the giant grease smear that is my face.
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