Tuesday, May 4, 2010

deer tick and dr. dog.

it's a good thing they're called dr. dog, folks... because the concert sunday night was SICK. as in, the evening was a fever and the only cure was DR. DOG (with special opening performance by deer tick). also, i have never in my houston life seen so many HIPSTERS out on the town. i'm thinking there must have been some sort of pre-show hipster rally (sponsored by ray-ban colorize and keds) that i missed. anyway, if you're a hipster, especially if you're a lonely hipster, get thee to a dr. dog and slash or deer tick concert, STAT. you'll find yourself swallowed whole by the sea of young coolness and you're sure to make at least one friend.

but i digress. dr. dog is a wonderful, jammy, indie pop band that has also been labeled as psychedelic(?). essentially, they are fantastic, but i have no idea how to go about describing them. hows about this: great music and lovely harmonies played by two of the TINIEST men i have ever seen in my life, plus one jolly giant in ladies sunglasses, plus about three other guys on stage that keep to the background. for more information and slash or proof of said tiny-ness, please refer to photo. the giant in the center stands on the left and those lilliputians on either side of him are the other two front men. weird, right? deer tick was also delightful.

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