Monday, May 24, 2010

dragons and chenonceau.

if you love (and can't afford) schumacher fabrics, you'll probably also love schumacher's stationery collaboration with dempsey and caroll. although these cards are slightly less bones than say, one yard of fabric, you'll still need to save your bacon for such fine paper goods. but as we all know, fancy writing papers are the mark of a lady, so get out your (common law husband's) AMEX and snap some of these boxed sets up STAT. why? because when, ever in your life, have you ever thought "man, i sure hate going to the mailbox because it's always crammed full of those annoying, hand-written notes." seriously. the last time i thought that was like, the seventh of NEVER. ps-please excuse my recent blog hiatus. i'm sure this stuff has been around for A. WHILE. but i've been heavily involved in a personal project called 'working myself into an early grave' which is hopefully going to be wrapping up circa THIS AFTERNOON.
{purchase online here and here}

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