Sunday, October 31, 2010

stuart haygarth.

mmmk. uno mas and then i am for reals done taking stuff off design love fest's blog and re-posting here. but for reals, DLF is way cooler than me, and i'm coming off a pretty fierce blogging hiatus, so a little slack, folks. alls i need is a wee bit of slack.

stuart haygarth is a british lighting designer, aside from being pretty nuts, and by nuts, i mean riding that fine line between brilliant and crazy. i'll take a glasses chandelier anyday. plus, i am very much pro-recycling. sidenote: if you are not recycling your glass, plastic and paper, you are a giant douchebag. no points deducted if you have not yet turned your recycling into light fixtures.

{sutart haygarth via design love fest}

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