Tuesday, November 9, 2010

product endorsement.

in the months leading up to the wedding, i became a bit of a products junkie, trying to find the perfect combo of products that would ensure my everlasting beauty. here are my top three, with a fourth thrown in just to show you that some of the best products out there are the ones you are already using:

1. dr. brandt pores no more anti-aging mattifying lotion. this stuff is amazing. hands down, the best discovery of my life. if your face gets shiny at any point during the day, you should use this magic elixer in lieu of whatever moisturizing routine you're doing now. it also makes your pores shrink considerably. buy it buy it buy it. i love it so much that i'm going to explore more products in the dr. brandt line. available at sephora.
2. trish mcevoy eye base essentials. it comes in six shades, and i have the demure. it evens out the tone of your eyelids, adds the tiniest amount of sparkle and looks super without any eyeshadow over it. it doesn't crease, and if you do add shadow over it, that shadow will stay on ALL DAY. available at stores like nordstrom and neimans, or through trish mcevoy.
3. the lip slip by sara happ. not the cheapest lip balm, but the best. velvety goodness for your lips comes at a price, but a tub will last you forever. mainly because you only have to apply about twice a day. everyone i know who has had the lip slip experience can attest to its greatness. i just found out you can get it from bath & body works, at the lowest price i've ever seen! hopefully, it is carried in stores, because shipping usually makes it slightly over $30 a pop. ouch. but worth it. order it here.
4. maybelline great lash blackest black mascara. after spending a small fortune on crap like lash stilletto, lash blast, big fatty, voluminous and the like, i returned to the mascara i've been using since the beginning of time. it isn't that all of those others are terrible, it's just that they are NOT GOOD. to add insult to injury, they all cost too much. great lash is only $4.24 and it is amazing. ladies are cray-cray for it. hasn't it been around for 25 years or something? although that ad campaign with the increasingly beautiful drew barrymore really had me for awhile... get it at target.

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