Monday, January 31, 2011

a bottega veneta question for all.

i have two vintage bottega veneta suitcases. they are mildly awesome, and by the looks of things on the interweb, are possibly somewhat rare, as i absolutely cannot find even one image of similar impedimenta*. they were given to me many years ago by a friend of a friend, so i have no emotional attachment to them, other than they are lovely and fancy. were they convenient to travel with, i would use them like it was my job and be all HEY WATCH IT PAL, THAT'S MY BOTTEGA VENETA LUGGAGE YOU'RE MANHANDLING.
alas, they are not as handy for travel as say, bags with wheels or shoulder straps. so do i keep them? do i try to sell them? do i attempt to trade them out for a piece of BV i can actually use? i'm really at a loss, other than it seems wasteful to keep putting Baby in a corner (or continue storing them in the attic, as it were, as i am already fighting off hoarder tendencies on a daily basis). your thoughts and suggestions are most welcome.

*or perhaps they are worthless and have been universally shoved in the trash? i should note that they are soft-sided leather suitcases and not trunks.


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Dear ESB-

(I was hoping you'd respond.) I will do my best. Should I fail, I will send one your way. They are too special to waste and I'm certain you could show me how it's done.