Saturday, January 15, 2011

hair dress.

what the h. are these? i seriously don't know. maybe they are inspirational? i like how the girl in the middle has her hairs did under that wig. i would be lying if i said i didn't want an I HEART FRENCH MOUTH sweatshirt.
in a related story, i've been really into wildfox lately. you know, because i am 17 years old or something. and live in california. and have such a flexible dress code at work. and generally despise pant-wearing of all kinds. kidding. do you know about wildfox? here is what i know: wildfox (which is totally not that new, but i just caught on to it) is some sort of los angeles-y fashion label that embraces the oversized t-shirt, sweatshirt and sweat pant, plus they feature really grown-up prints like CATS, unicorns, hearts, splatter paint and cartoon native american themes. based on my internets search, wildfox couture is best donned sans pants for tickle panty girl fight sleepovers, parties and camping trips. say whatever you want about it, that shit is comfortable. as an added bonus, and this i swear to you, whenever i wear my wildfox gearrrrr, i feel YOUNGER. and cooler than most people.

{top image via doggieeyes. other images via wildfox.}

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