Monday, January 17, 2011

marthas and arthurs: apes in aeroplanes EP.

pre-wedding i was in dire straits with regard to time, and post-wedding, i'm still catching up. i can't believe i'm just now getting around to sharing a marthas and arthurs update, HOWEVER, i'm sure you remember my post on marthas and arthurs, which detailed a hardworking indie group that was willing to sing at your dinner party or event in exchange for free dinner. now they have an album, and (hold on to your pants), it is available for free download. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE.  this is the most philanthropic band ever, right? aside from being exceptionally generous, they are tremendously talented. i'm a huge fan of their style in general (singing for supper? so clever) and an even bigger fan of their heavenly harmonies, i recommend you download this album immediately. it is dreamy.


Cally said...

Me likey. You have done a great job of hipstering up my itunes.

kristina said...

you are most welcome, calster.