Friday, January 7, 2011

rose gold and nicki k.

now that this is a classy fancy ladies type blog*, where i abstain from the eff word and posts about funny cat photos, i would like to direct your attention to a) rose gold (a trend i totally saw coming) and b) the unparalleled beauty of the lanvin gown draped so stunningly over nicole kidman's skeleton frame. both are gorgeous, and i think that dress is one of the lovelier apparel items i've seen in awhile. and as for that diamond-encrusted timepiece, i'll take two: one for each of my wrists. i would also like to point out that this particular line of rose gold watches is a relaunch of omega's 1955 collection, called the LADYMATIC (which i will promptly add to my ever-growing list of imaginary band names). take a better look at ladymatic here.
*not really.

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